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This hub has been created by young people for young people, it provides information and links to services in relation to your emotional health and well-being.

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Depression/Low Mood
Depression is when you have a consistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.
Suicidal Thoughts
Sometimes people feel like there is no hope or might think about ending their life.
Panic Attacks, Stress & Anxiety
When you’re in certain situations you may feel uneasy, worried and fearful, sometimes making you feel mentally and physically uncomfortable and distressed.
When somebody intends to hurt you emotionally or physically repeatedly.
Temper/Mood Swings
The feeling of anger and frustration you may find difficult to manage and control.
Sexuality & Gender Identity
Sexuality: When your sexual orientation, activity and feelings are causing distress and confusion to you and others. Gender: When you have insecurity or difficulty with your internal sense of self regarding gender.
Body Image & Eating Disorders
Sometimes your relationship with food can have a negative impact on your well being.
Addiction & Substance Abuse
The feeling of being dependant on an activity or substance that have a negative impact on your daily life.
Relationships can be difficult and complicated and can lead to upsetting and confusing feelings.
Self Harm
Self-harm is when you hurt yourself as a way of dealing with very difficult feelings.
(Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) If you have been involved or witnessed a traumatic event it is common to experience upsetting, distressing or confusing feelings for a time afterwards.
Bereavement & Loss
After the death of someone close you may find you experience a range of difficulties as you come to terms with your loss.
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